Why use a fax machine to send copies of paper documents? ...... when you can easily scan and email as a PDF attachment!

The Problem.....

How do you email copies of documents easily, quickly and in a PDF format so that the recipient can easily view or print the document? There are various ways of achieving this, but they tend to be cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. As a result, businesses tend to still use fax machines and individuals, who usually do not have fax machines but do have a cheap scanner, give up and accept that it is not worth the effort! Alternatively, users muddle through scanning to JPG, GIF or Bitmap files which cannot easily be printed at the other end.  Also, how does a business send copies of paper documents to clients who have no fax machine?

The Solution.....

Scan2Email simply allows you to scan to email (using your standard Twain scanner) a single or multi-page document, save it as a PDF document and attach it to an email or view/print it. All this is achieved with the press of one button. The size of a typical scan to PDF document, scanned at 200 dpi (equivalent to "fine" fax mode) in Black & White is only about 30k, so it is very fast to email. The recipient can simply open the attached PDF and it will display in their default PDF viewer (eg. the free Adobe Reader).

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**Version 3 Released**

Scan2Email is extremely easy to use and does not require technical expertise

Scan paper documents and automatically email them as PDF attachments using your existing email software plus other PDF utilities