Registering the software will prevent the red "watermark" being placed in the pdf file.  In all other respects, the functionality of the registered and unregistered software is the same.

To register, click on the button below.  You will be taken to our e-commerce registration site where you will be asked to enter your personal and credit/debit card details.

Registration costs just £19 for a single copy running on a single PC.  If you require the program to run on more than one PC, multiple licenses are available at discounted rates. 

Number of licenses

Price per copy

1 -4

GBP 19.00

5 -9

GBP 17.10

10 - 49

GBP 15.20

50 - 99

GBP 13.30

100 - 999

GBP 11.40

From 1000

GBP 7.60

Digital River GmbH (share-it!) is the seller of the software and your contractual partner.

Your credit/debit card payment will be processed whilst you wait and if successful, your License Key will be displayed and also emailed to you. Above prices are in Pounds Sterling but alternative currencies can be selected when registering.

Before registering you should already have downloaded and installed the software and be totally satisfied that it works satisfactorily on your system as refunds cannot be given.

Upgrading to version 3 from a previous version?

Email us at with details of your current registration and we will send you a coupon for a 40% discount.

Scan paper documents and automatically email them as PDF attachments using your existing email software plus other PDF utilities